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Why I'm in love with shirts

Why I'm in love with shirts

There is a very special reason why it became Caroline Designs and I. I have always enjoyed wearing shirts and it has developed into a passion for shirts. I think that shirts can do it all - they can go with any outfit and any occasion. Shirts are always the piece of clothing I have hanging in the wardrobe for the longest time, as a shirt is always the safe, but also stylish way to a great outfit.

Therefore I with Caroline Designs wants to extend the life of the shirt even longer with materials that have been selected especially for their beautiful shine and durability. At the same time, I have developed very timeless and simple designs, which is why the shirts are also all white. At the same time, however, effort has been put into creating some unique pieces. Therefore, I hope that my shirts will create joy, avert clothing crises and, not least, promote our focus on buying slow fashion.

I think it's important for every woman to have the perfect shirt in her closet!

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