A universe of classic shirts for women

All our shirts are designed with a focus on timelessness but unique details so they can be used for any occasion! The shirts are mainly made of recycled polyamide and organic cotton - durable materials which at the same time create a luxurious shine and breathability. All this ensures that the individual shirt can follow you for many years to come, and together we promote slow fashion!

Produced in the EU

Skjorte til kvinder i tidsløse, men simple og unikke designs samt i gode og stærke materialer og kvaliteter. Skjorterne er produceret i genanvendt polyamid og økologisk bomuld. Knapperne er syet ekstra fast. Lav tendens til at krølle. Giver luksuriøst udtryk. Produceret i EU. Caroline Designs vision er at gøre det nemmere at vælge slow fashion.


Our mission is to become women's preferred shirt brand, to lift and inspire women to empower themselves and each other through luxurious clothing and wardrobe simplyfing! Our mission is to put the focus on slow fashion and counteract the overwhelm of trends, as well as to create a brand with the assurance of the same, durable and environmentally friendly qualities and beautiful designs!

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