Skjorter til kvinder i fine og tidsløse designs samt i gode, miljøvenlige og slidstærke materialer. Genanvendt polyamid og økologisk bomuld giver i sin kombination en luksuriøst udtryk og glans. Vælg mellem fire forskellige designs.


What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. Slow fashion is clothing with a long lifespan. Slow fashion is using the clothes you have and buying with the aim of being able to keep and use the purchased clothes for many years.

Slow fashion is created with a focus on the environment and thus with a focus on the lifespan of the clothes. To create a piece of clothing that has a long life, it can be done by designing a more timeless design, so that it is not designed based on time-bound trends that go "out of fashion" again.

Buying slow fashion is a change of habit. It's about being aware of your clothing purchases. To say no thanks to purchase, use of 1 or very few times and then throw away.

Not only is slow fashion good for the environment, it is also good for the wallet and for keeping your wardrobe organized.

Slow fashion can be embraced in many ways. The shirts from Caroline Designs are one of the ways.

What does this have to do with our shirts?

In short: It has everything to do with our shirts. Caroline Designs' shirts are designed in timeless and simple designs and are only produced in white. This the shirts go with every outfit and every occasion. 

In addition, the shirts are made of durable materials.

This is a shirt that can be used for many years - the design and color never go out of fashion, just as the shirt stays physically beautiful for a long time.

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