Strygning af skjorter


Is it necessary to iron our shirts?

The best tip to avoid ironing

If you want to avoid ironing your shirt from Caroline Designs, the best tip is to wash your shirt on as few revolutions as possible, preferably 4-600 revolutions.

Psst. This also means that you wear out the shirt less when washing!

Then hang your shirt on a hanger while it dries. This means that you can typically avoid ironing/steaming - or at least save a lot of effort on it.

Other info on ironing/steaming

With a good, classic shirt comes cotton. Caroline Designs produces its shirts in 67% organic cotton. Regardless, a classic shirt is best made in (among other things) cotton.

Cotton has many good qualities, including especially organic cotton, which has longer and stronger fibers than traditional cotton. In general, cotton is very durable.

However, cotton has the downside that it tends to wrinkle. Cotton will never be completely iron-free. BUT you can do yourself a big favor by following this advice:

  • Wash your shirt on a low revolutions, preferably 4-600 revolutions.
  • Hang the shirt on a hanger immediately after washing and ensure that the top button of the shirt is buttoned as a minimum.
  • Make sure not to overfill the washing machine when washing.
  • You can hang your shirt on the shower curtain while you take a shower. Thus the steam from the bath will smoothen your shirt.

I personally usually run a steamer over my shirts when they have dried after washing and then they are perfect for multiple uses after just 2 minutes of steaming!

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