En inspirerende tilgang til påklædning

An inspiring approach to getting dressed

Choosing the same clothes every day: A simple way to avoid clothing crises

People like Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg have worn/wear almost the same clothes every day. They all justify it with the fact that there thus is one less decision to make every day.

In this way, they save their decision-making/thinking power and instead use it on the decisions that really matter.

With this, I'm not saying that you need to dress the same every day or go dressed like the ones above, but I think the thinking itself is very interesting and inspiring!

Finding that white shirts were the safe and easy choice for me also meant that I avoided many clothing crises - and thus also meant that I spent a lot less decision-making power on getting dressed in the morning. And yet I felt both nicely and comfortably dressed!

And maybe I can use the saved thinking power better somewhere else? Who knows... Sounds like a win-win to me!

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