Skjorter til kvinder i fine og tidsløse designs samt i gode, miljøvenlige og slidstærke materialer. Genanvendt polyamid og økologisk bomuld giver i sin kombination en luksuriøst udtryk og glans. Vælg mellem fire forskellige designs.

The shirts' materials - Organic cotton and recycled polyamide

Materials in the shirts

The use of organic cotton and recycled polyamide is an advantage - also from an environmental perspective. Here you can read about why that is, and thus find out what you get in a shirt from Caroline Designs!

Recycled polyamide

The process of recycling already used items to create new products reduces waste and helps keep materials useful, out of the wild and out of the incinerator. 

Recycled polyamide is produced from fabric waste.

Recycled polyamide emits significantly less CO2 than new polyamide during the production process.

Fabric containing recycled polyamide contains exactly the same good qualities as those made from non-recycled polyamide. The process is the same and the materials work just as well.

Organic cotton

Cotton is primarily one of the most used fibers for the production of shirts. Cotton is an ideal material for the production of shirts, especially because it is a very soft fiber that has a high absorbency and is very resistant.

It takes a huge amount of water and chemicals to produce traditional cotton, whereas organic cotton is grown from non-genetically modified plants and harvested without toxic pesticides and fertilizers. In addition much less water is used in the production of organic cotton.

Besides the environmental benefits, the quality of organic cotton is also another. It's a better quality, mainly because of its longer and stronger fibers.

Our environmental standards

Our shirts are produced according to strict environmental standards and certifications, including e.g. Oeko-Tex and GRS certification (Global Recycle Standard).

Oeko-tex is an independent testing and certification system for textiles that assesses possible harmful substances in textiles at different levels and stages in the supply chain.

GRS verifies the recycled content as well as the production process itself in relation to chemicals.

Advantages of the combination of recycled polyamide and organic cotton

In addition to the environmental effect, the combination of the fibers results in a fabric woven in luxurious satin that results in a silky feel and luxurious shine.

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